Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Brief Introduction to the Club

The Adventurers Club can best be described as a highly themed interactive comedy club. Set on New Years Eve 1937, an evening spent at the Adventurers Club will consist of several scripted musical comedy shows in the Club's Library as well as humorous shows in the Mask Room and Treasure Room. Some of the most entertaining moments come from the unscripted interactions between the characters and guests that occur in the Club's Main Salon. The Adventurers Club can easily be considered the "crown jewel" of Disney imagineering, incorporating not only the most talented group of actors in the Orlando area but also audio-animatronics and many other surprising and magical effects. It is, by far, the most unique place on Pleasure Island, as well as in the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

(Want to learn more? For a more detailed description of the shows and characters, just scroll down!)

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